Our story

Being proud of who we are! Founded on the 17th September of 2007 and still up and running!

Team [GLOW] was formed on the 17th September 2007, by [GLOW] Jason. Our team was one of the first cruise teams within the [TC] Community and we still remain to this day. [GLOW] has been home to over 30 different members, who have all made the team into what it is today. We are a very friendly cruise team; we never turn down a cruise and even a race or two. We at [GLOW] are a democracy; we take into account all the opinions of our members so everyone is happy.

Over the years we have built a huge collection of team skins, which make us stand out on the servers, due to bright green colours. Our team logo is a green and black Panther, which can be seen on many of our later skins, created by Pipa. [GLOW] have hosted many events over the years, for example the Bumper Cars event, which has always been popular with the community. The team has also helped co-host, with [TC], one of the largest events the community has seen, the Gumball 3000. As of 2010 [GLOW] have become an invite only team, aiming to keep a high level of quality members, and ensuring the people that join will fit in well. The team has come a long way since first opening, and we hope it keeps growing even more.

Where do we play?

Below you can find where we play, and of course a link to the big community we are part of, [TC] Gaming.

[TC] Gaming

A new community made by [TC] CityDriving we play at. Their aim is to expand the great quality we have on the [TC] Live For Speed community onto other games such as Minecraft.

Live For Speed

The incredible game we play at. Like no other, offering us tons of hours of fun together with all the members of our team. If you're looking for us, you can find us here!

[TC] CityDriving

The Live For Speed community of [TC] Gaming where we're daily at. Whether its playing as a COP or escaping, we keep it fun at all times. That's what matters!